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Self Finishing Products

Self Finishing

Self Finishing Colors. For Boxes and Frames in flat back(to hang) or easel back (to stand)

Purple, Brown, Red, Orange, White, Black, Lime, Pink, Aqua, Gray

Frame colors.png

 Self Finising Square Frames. Available in flat back or easel back. Please Specify flat back or easel back when ordering from your LNS

3" and  4" Round Self Finishing Wood Frame (Only 4" avaiable in easel back)

3", 4" and 5" Square Self Finishing Frame in flat back or easel back

3" with 3" Opening and 4" with 3.75" Opening and 5" with 5" Opening

IMG 0777      Needlework Retailer 1

 IMG 1522

Round Self Finising Ornament Frames

4rounds all colors   Custom Name Round Self Finish

Self Finishing Ornaments. Colors available in White, Red, Aqua, Black, Lime, Pink, Orange, Purple, Dark Wood

Sizes 4" Round with 3.75" opening and 3" Round with 2.5" opening


   8DACCC10 59E8 4B73 8DA7 49BE27A127C3


Self finish by adding a hanger.

Square & Round Self Finishing Boxes

Square Self Finishing Box. 1.3" Opening Magnetic closure

Pink Square box 1  Lime Square Box 1  Aqua Square Box 1 Black Square Box 1 White Square Box 1   Square box open 1  gray s chevron box

Round Self Finishing Box with 2.5" opening Magnetic closure

  Round Box Opening 1  White Round Box 1 Lime Round Box 1

Pink Round 1 Black Round Box 1 Aqua Round Box 1 Gray Round B0x 1    White Box Finished Round G