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Personalize your needlepoint project! All initials are available on 10 mesh or 14 mesh Zweigart needlepoint canvas.


Tilli Tomas Examples

86336058 4F9C 4FCC 9917 2265C97946B2 . A9C8A6B7 D493 4CC8 A54D 2B2F5DF9EEC9

Tilli Tomas Leather Products and canvas ideas. Jewelry case and coasters shown. Both Tilli Tomas and canvases can be purchased at you LNS

Quatrefoil Needlepoint Variety Colors

3x3 quatrefoil insert  IMG 0960  Quatrefoil Square Needlepoint

793 3x3, 4x4 or 5x5 with or without letter. (Can fit Tilli Tomas coasters)

Chevron Coaster/Jewelry Box insert

3x3 inserts

794 3x3 14 ct or 18 ct. Choose Letter. 

696 3x2 Zebra insert

696 3x2 Zebra insert

696 3x2 Zebra Credit Card insert Choose Color with or without letter

695 3x2 Gingham

695 3x2 Gingham

695 3x2 Credit Card insert Choose color with or without letter

694 3x2 Chevron


694 Chevron 3x2 Credit Card insert. Choose color with or without letter

693 Quatrefoil 2x2

693              693 stitched

693 3x2 Credit Card Insert 18 mesh. Choose colors

Round Canvases

Dots Round PAL  White Box Finished Round G

lime pin chevron round . Heart Check Round

Round Ornaments. Choose colors. 3" Rounds  Fits the Round Boxes and self finishing ornaments



Square Canvases

IMG 3005 gray chevron square DSCN1488 

Boxes and letters   

IMG 0887  

  Choose pattern and letter. Box has magnetic closure


For the Square Boxes. Choose your colors and letter


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