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Let It Snow Needlepoint

Let it snow round  Let It Snow Square  let it snow

Let It Snow in Round 3" or 4" or Square 3", 4" or 5"

EEK Needlepoint and Boo Needlepoint

EEK collage    BOO 3in

EEK and BOO Available in 3" or 4" round or square


Hanukkah needlepoint round

Available in 3" or 4" round or square.

Merry Square Needlepoint

Merry Needlepoint

Merry Merry Available 3", 4" or 5" Square

Noel and Joy Needlepoint with Hats and trees

Noel with Hats  IMG 1206  

Round Needlepoint Joy with hats


Noel or Joy in round or square with hats or trees. Availabe in round in 3" or 4" in square in 3", 4" or 5"

Cookies Needleoint with Gingerbread

Cookies Square Needlepoint

Cookies and Gingerbread Square Needlepoint

Available in 3" or 4"

Be Mine Needlepoint

Be Mine Needlepoint

Available in 3", 4" or 5" Square

Needlepoint Pumpkins

IMG 4239   IMG 4241

Needlepoint Pumpkin with dots and chevron 5x5 Available in Aqua or Orange. Collage shown with the self finishing frames

Needlepoint Halloween Hats and Spider

halloween hats  Halloween hats with frame

Available 5x5 on 14 mesh or 4x4 on 18 mesh

Chevron Round Lower Case Letter

594 Lower case Chevron Round

594 Chevron with lowercase letter/holly Also available in Lime Chevron with red letter

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